Energy Savings Analysis

Energy Savings Analysis

When you seek energy efficiency for your building, you take steps toward controlling energy costs, reducing your environmental footprint, and increasing the value of your building. CxE can analyze your existing energy usage, suggest appropriate energy savings solutions, and help prioritize these solutions. Our extensive experience modeling existing buildings and verification against actual utility bills allows us to develop realistic and accurate analysis with proven and verifiable savings estimates.

CxE Group is proud to provide the following services in Energy Savings Analysis:

  • Energy audits and studies
  • Energy code compliance analysis
  • Energy modeling and options evaluation
  • LEED energy savings analysis

Energy Audits & Studies

Energy analysis assessments are integral to determining the efficiency of a building and its systems. The collection and review of the current building and energy usage data, combined with analysis of overall building systems design, lead to recommendations for energy efficiency improvements, some at no-cost or low-cost, with payback analysis to identify the most cost-effective means to save money and energy. This type of service is typically focused on more capital-intensive upgrades and does not provide the same level of investigation as the Retrocommissioning Program.

Energy Code Compliance Analysis

CxE Group uses the energy modeling process to evaluate alternatives to the prescriptive energy code requirements, identifying and quantifying various design options early in the process. We prepare an energy model that reflects one or more design concepts and compare the enhanced concepts against the minimum requirements of the building code to demonstrate compliance. This process unfetters the design team to innovate while meeting the client’s energy efficiency goals and provides a successful recipe to get building energy usage levels at or below established limits.

Energy Modeling & Options Evaluation

Energy modeling is a tool developed to determine the energy use of a building and quantify the savings of the proposed design. This can assist the design team in prioritizing investment in the strategies that will have the greatest impact on energy efficiency. Energy modeling provides a means to evaluate operating expenses and capital cost expenditures.

LEED® Energy Savings Analysis

We assist companies in prioritizing project options and determine if they make monetary sense and their impact on potential LEED® points toward certification. The current version of the LEED® rating system (V4) allows up to 20 of the maximum possible 110 points for the reducing energy usage that this effort identifies, confirming the focus of the program on energy efficiency. There are four levels of certification – certified (40 to 49 points), silver (50 to 59 points), gold (60 to 79 points), and platinum (80 points or greater). The number of points that a project earns determines the level of LEED® certification that the project receives. When you call upon CxE to help you with increasing your building’s efficiencies, you can wear the badge of honor that represents energy savings from LEED®.