Building Commissioning

Building Commissioning

Behind every building is a team of experts who pool their knowledge and abilities together to create or revitalize a structural work of art that is both functional and efficient. Whether you want to create a brand new building or wish to make your current building more energy efficient, CxE can help you get exactly what you want and make your building be more cost-effective, safer, and have greater energy efficiency.

CxE is proud to specialize in the following:

  • New construction commissioning
  • Existing building commissioning and retrocommissioning
  • Continuous commissioning and monitoring
  • Envelope commissioning
  • LEED compliance

New Construction Commissioning

When you undertake the construction of a new facility, you want to get it right from the start and get what you expect. CxE works with your team to identify what you want, offers owner-centric oversight of the entire design and construction process of the project, and provides a focused overview to help ensure that your vision is fulfilled. During the construction process, our specifically trained and experienced staff offer insight and fresh perspectives to assist you in monitoring the construction process, addressing concerns in a timely manner. This process strives to achieve the construction result that you desire and that the systems work properly and efficiently. While we may not part of the design team, we have an objective, global perspective of the project and its defined issues; we augment your team with experienced, proven professionals so that the end product is exactly what you want and that it works the way it should.

Existing Building Commissioning & Retrocommissioning

The end result for existing buildings is similar to the work for new construction buildings except that we are improving what is already there. CxE works with your operating team to evaluate all of the major systems, determines what can be made more efficient, and identifies what needs to be done to optimize performance. By bringing in a fresh set of eyes to review how the building is being used today, what has changed and why, we often ascertain ways to do it more efficiently. This includes evaluating the heating, cooling, lighting, and several other systems to see what needs to be fine-tuned for increased efficiencies to eliminate unnecessary energy waste. Most importantly, we quantify both operating and upgrade costs to provide a shopping list of options for you to choose from as you move forward. The goal of these projects is quick energy savings with simple paybacks from energy cost savings in a few months to a year or two.

Continuous Commissioning/Monitoring

CxE has developed an ongoing process of either manually reviewing how systems are operating on a regular basis or using newer computer analytics to monitor, identify problems, and avert disasters. In this program we look for issues and resolve them before they become problems and a cost burden.

Envelope Commissioning

CxE Group also takes pride in monitoring the design and construction of your new or existing building’s exterior envelope. We review walls, windows, roofs, insulation, and the overall enclosure, understand how the materials will be installed and how they interact, and determine what can be done to avoid problems and improve their functional efficiencies. As always, we endeavor to identify potential problems before they are constructed, observe the actual installation to ensure that the requirements are fully met, and then conduct verification testing to document the final performance.

LEED Compliance

Fundamental Building Commissioning is a prerequisite for any building seeking LEED® certification, and CxE Group has provided this service for many LEED® certified projects. Additional program credits may be earned through the pursuit of Enhanced Building Commissioning services, which begins early in the design process and provides additional services to be completed after verification of system performance has been documented. LEED® stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, the preeminent sustainability measure for buildings and neighborhoods developed by the US Green Building Council.