Southwestern Illinois Correctional Center

Total Savings:

Electricity Savings (kWh): 1,283,040 49%
Natural Gas Savings (Therms): 52,135 28%
Overall Energy Savings (Mbtu): 9,591 35%
Utility Cost Savings ($): $130,075 42%
Estimated Project Cost ($): $450,839 3.47 yrs. (Payback)
IEN Incentives Available ($): $285,199 63% of Proj. Cost
Net Cost w/Incentives ($): $165,640 1.27 yrs. (Payback)

Date Completed: February 2015
Client: Southwestern Illinois Correctional Center
Size: 138,376 sq. ft.
Type of Construction: Existing
Service: Energy Audit
Facility Type: Government

The Southwestern Illinois Correctional Center (SWICC) is a minimum security facility for adult males located in East St. Louis, Illinois. Although SWICC has a total of 19 buildings, the energy audit focused on the three main buildings, A, B, and C. This effort proved especially helpful to the new Chief Engineer as it provided a detailed overview of how the building should be operated and identified areas for improvement.