Hettenhausen Center for the Arts

Total Savings:

Electricity Savings (kWh): 182,919 24%
Natural Gas Savings (Therms): 31,813 72%
Overall Energy Savings (Mbtu): 3,805 54%
Utility Cost Savings ($): $43,082 43%
Estimated Project Cost ($): $38,051 0.88 yrs. (Payback)
Available Utility Incentives($): $10,755 28% of Proj. Cost
Net Cost w/Incentives ($): $27,296 0.63 yrs. (Payback)

Date Completed: May 2012
Client: McKendree University
Size: 28,500 sq. ft.
Type of Construction: Existing
Service: Retrocommissioning
Facility Type: Higher Education

The Russel E. and Fern M. Hettenhausen Center for the Arts (the “Hett”) on the McKendree Unviersity campus in Lebanon, Illinois is a 488 seat auditorium opened in 2006 as a premier performing arts venue, presenting world class dance, drama, classical music, and jazz. The constantly varying schedule of events for this facility presented the major challenge to reduce operating costs, but CxE identified options to both reduce unnecessary system operations as well as greatly enhance the original control processes.