Webster Groves Recreation Complex

Total Savings:

Electricity Savings (kWh): 775,132 30%
Natural Gas Savings (Therms): 25,189 55%
Overall Energy Savings (Mbtu): 5,164 38%
Utility Cost Savings ($): $75,168 35%
Estimated Project Cost ($): $278,378 3.70 yrs. (Payback)
IEN Incentives Available ($): $38,469 14% of Proj. Cost
Net Cost w/Incentives ($): $239,909 3.19 yrs. (Payback)

Date Completed: June 2011
Client: City of Webster Groves, MO
Size: 72,497 sq. ft.
Type of Construction: Existing
Service: Energy Audit
Facility Type: Government

The Webster Groves Recreation Complex is a recreation and community center consisting of outdoor areas and a large multi-purpose indoor facility. Outdoor areas include the aquatic center, an action park, and a tennis center; the indoor facility features an ice arena, fitness center and gymnasium, and a community center. The indoor ice arena includes a dessicant-based dehumidification system, many challenges with controlling humidity in this low temperature space, and effectively using the waste heat produced by the ice making system.