Chapel of the Cross Lutheran Church

Total Savings:

Electricity Savings (kWh): 186,270 29%
Natural Gas Savings (Therms): 7,315 37%
Overall Energy Savings (Mbtu): 1,367 33%
Utility Cost Savings ($): $20,560 31%
Estimated Project Cost ($): $68,473 3.33 yrs. (Payback)
Available Utility Incentives($): $9,314 14% of Proj. Cost
Net Cost w/Incentives ($): $59,159 2.88 yrs. (Payback)

Date Completed: Spring 2010
Client: Chapel of the Cross Lutheran Church
Size: 46,600 sq. ft.
Type of Construction: Existing
Service: Energy Audit
Facility Type: Religious

This Lutheran church, which is located in north St. Louis, houses a sanctuary, office space, classrooms, meeting rooms, kitchen, and gymnasium. This facility was found with older roof-mounted HVAC units, pneumatic controls, and limited scheduling and monitoring capabilities. The installation of new, high-efficiency, roof-mounted units and all-new controls for the VAV boxes and related equipment produced the savings.