Andrews Hall

Total Savings:

Electricity Savings (kWh): 474,999 36%
Natural Gas Savings (Therms): 123,857 61%
Overall Energy Savings (Mbtu): 14,006 57%
Utility Cost Savings ($): $237,927 53%
Estimated Project Cost ($): $948,573 3.99 yrs. (Payback)
Available Utility Incentives($): $434,910 46% of Proj. Cost
Net Cost w/Incentives ($): $513,663 2.16 yrs. (Payback)

Date Completed: March 2015
Client: Eastern Illinois University
Size: 106,000 sq. ft.
Type of Construction: Existing
Service: Energy Audit
Facility Type: Higher Education

Andrews Hall on the Eastern Illinois University campus in Charleston, Illinois is a female dormitory comprised of eight residential floors with laundry facilities on each floor, a main floor area with small apartments, small office area, and large lobby/common area, and lower level of recreational areas and mechanical space. Food service is accessed in the dining facility that is located between Andrews and Thomas Halls. The original building was constructed in the 1960s before the advent of modern energy codes, and the exterior wall construction was found to be very inefficient. In this case, the addition of a new exterior insulation system was found to be quite cost-effective. This building has significant overheating and comfort issues due to the poor insulation and perimeter heating system control issues, and a detailed analysis was prepared to demonstrate the benefits of suggested revisions.